Perennial Plants

Enjoying GardeningFor those of us who are lucky to have a garden, there is nothing better than sitting on a beautiful green lawn, surrounded by amazing flowers, while the sun beats down on a warm day. The problem is keeping a garden looking nice. It is hard work, especially keeping things like weeds at bay. With careful, organized management though, it is easy to keep on top of. What you should never do is let things get out of hand and then try and fix the problems. This actually takes a lot more work than small maintenance on a regular basis.

A good lawn should be green and flat, but after a few years, it can be patchy and lumpy. A basic roller can rectify this problem, while patches will require a repair by using grass seeds. Using lawn food is essential, as it keeps the roots healthy, and the grass green and tough. It should be mowed on a weekly basis during the warm months, just to keep it under control. If it is allowed to grow for longer periods, when it is cut, brown patches can be revealed. One of the best things about a lawn is the smell of freshly cut grass.

Flower beds can be easy to keep on top of, or a lot of hard work. It all depends on what plants are used. For less work, small slowing growing trees, flowers and bushes are the best option. For those people who enjoy planting flowers each year, then they will have a different looking garden every year. The more flowers you have, the more insects will be drawn to the garden, and this is a great way of looking after the natural environment. If you want to bring in more wildlife, then make use of bird feeders, but place them where cats cannot get to them.

For those people who have large gardens, it is possible to have a lawn, flower beds and a vegetable patch. Growing your own vegetables is a great way of eating fresh food. As it is organic, the nutritional value is high. It also helps save money, but ask anyone who grows their own veg, and they will tell you that nothing tastes better. Growing veg is relatively easy once the ground has been prepared. It is also a great way for using compost made from food and garden debris.

Even people who do not like gardening can simply use plants and flowers that only need trimming once a year. This makes management so much easier, and will still give a lot of pleasure. Gardening is also a great way of keeping fit, and these days, anything that gets us active is helping to contribute to a healthier life.